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Tract's Point of Sale (POS) software is designed to connect payment collection to the rest of your organization. The POS app allows your retail and field employees to use the same invoicing and payment collection system while having real-time access to all customer history and inventory data.

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Your connected business

With Tract, field businesses are able to host all of their key business functions within a single application. Anyone using the POS, whether they are in the store or in the field, benefits from using a common invoice process.

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Every work order, invoice, and purchase is stored in one
location for easy access. POS users easily access the
customer info screen within the app.
POS users can use the inventory section to see updated
counts and pricing. Wherever the sale is made, the
inventory is updated in real time.

Powerful Point of Sale

Tract POS gives you more usability and flexibility than any other POS system on the market:

•Run on any iOS, or Android tablet or phone

•Same app for retail and field payment collection

•Real-time access to all inventory and customer info

•Instantly calculate and apply customer discounts to the invoice

•Print or email invoice

•Access the entire customer history and up-to-date inventory

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